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Community Science

Community Science, also known as Citizen Science, is when community members help collect data to help researchers conduct large-scale scientific studies. 

Community Science is critical for scientists to gather large amounts of data through a team of community members. Without the help of community scientists, the necessary data would not be available.


Join a community science project today! 

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Community Scientists of Nebraska Network

The Community Scientists of Nebraska Network is a group dedicated to increasing awareness and participation in regional community science efforts. 


Its mission is to create an active community science community by connecting Nebraskans interested in participating in community science with program managers and scientists. 

Community Scientists of Nebraska Network Website


Bird Community Science Opportunities 

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You love to get outside and explore. Why not put this outside exploration and learning to work! 

. Project FeederWatch is a national project which asks participants to watch and record what birds visit their backyard bird feeder. 

Project NestWatch, a national project, asks participants to record trends and data from backyard birds nests. 

Great Backyard Bird Count, celebrated in February, provides an opportunity for bird watchers to record any birds they see during the count official dates. 

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