Join us for the Nebraska Bird Month 2020 Challenge!


May is Nebraska Bird Month and you can participate by documenting any birds you see throughout the month. Head outside anywhere you can. When you find a bird, take a picture or record the sound of the bird.


Next, upload your image or sound to iNaturalist - an online citizen science project. When you go to iNaturalist, be sure to select the "Nebraska Bird Month 2020 Challenge" project. It's that easy! 


Not sure what bird you snapped a photo of.  No problem. The app will make suggestions based on your photo.  Or, members in the iNaturalist community will confirm or refine your observation. 


After two people have  confirmed your bird, you will have collected a research grade  observation that scientists will use! When you make an observation in iNatrualist, not only are you learning more about Nebraska birds and their populations but you are helping local and global experts collect real scientific data. 


We challenge you... head outside and start finding birds for the Nebraska Bird Month 2020 Challenge!


Need help getting started? 

Watch the tutorial below. 

Learn more about iNaturalist

Or, go straight to the Nebraska Bird Month 2020 Challenge Page


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