Nebraska International Migratory Bird Month
What is International Migratory Bird Day?

Started in 1993, International Migratory Bird Day is celebrated annually on the second Saturday of May. It is a chance for conservationists, natural resource agencies, families and individuals to celebrate birds and bird migration.


Why does Nebraska have a Bird Month?

Realizing that not all agencies and organizations would be able to host events on one specific Saturday, the Nebraska organizers decided to create a month-long celebration of birds, bird watching and bird migration. Agencies and organizations are invited to host a bird-related

event - large or small - sometime in the month of May to help Nebraskans learn about and appreciate our feathered friends.

We know that celebrating birds and learning about the role Nebraska's birds play in our ecosystems and economies is critical. In these times we encourage all event organizers to follow their local DHMs to help keep our communities healthy and safe. 


Why Celebrate Birds & Bird Migration?

Public awareness and concern are crucial components of migratory bird conservation. Citizens who are enthusiastic about birds, informed about threats, and empowered to become involved in addressing those threats, can make a tremendous contribution to maintaining healthy bird populations. Through Nebraska Bird Month Events, we will educate, inspire and empower all Nebraskans to conserve and protect our bird populations.


How do I know what events are going on?

You can search on the website for, 'Events by Location', 'Events by Date', or 'Virtual Events'.

I am hosting a bird event in May. How do I get it on the website?

First, thanks! The goal of this iniatiave is to have lots of groups host events all across the state. Together we can celebrate state-wide without taxing one group. If you have an event to add, please fill out the form here and we will be in touch. 

Who makes all this possible? Sponsors!

The original organizers and coordinators of Nebraska Bird Month are the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the Wild Bird Habitat Store. Both organizations continue to provide financial support and coordination. 



It goes without saying that while sponsors and coordinators are important, Nebraska Bird Month would not be possible without the conservation and environmental education groups that (under normal circumstances) host events, share their passion for birds and help all Nebraskans understand the role birds play in our state's economy and ecosystems.  

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