Events may be canceled, but Bird Month is NOT! 

2020 Event Update

In an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect the health of the public,

the Nebraska Bird Month team has canceled our promotion of Nebraska Bird Month events.

Please see the "2020 Update" page for more information. 

2020 Birding Month Challenge

We challenge you to get outside. We challenge you to explore and discover the birds in your area. We challenge you to become a citizen scientist by recording what birds you see. And, we challenge you to become part of a national network of citizen scientists providing real data to real scientists. 

How the 2020 Nebraska Bird Month Challenge works


1. Join iNaturalist. It's simple and easy. Learn more about iNaturalist.


2. Once you join iNaturalist, look for the "Nebraska Bird Month 2020 Challenge" project page. 


3. Head outside and explore. Look for birds... any birds. Watch the tutorial on the Merlin Bird ID App to learn

    how to identify the birds you find. 

4. Snap a photo of the birds you see (or take a recording of the bird's sound). Upload it to the iNaturalist site

    under the "Nebraska Bird Month 2020 Challenge" Project. Enter or upload at least five (5) bird observations

    to the "Nebraska Bird Month 2020 Challenge" Project.

5. Complete and submit the form below. You will receive a packet of bird-related resources including a

    Nebraska Bird Month bird journal, Nebraska kids magazine about birds, several informational bird


6. Continue to explore and go bird watching. Continue to record the birds you find. Continue to enter your

    data on the "Nebraska Bird Month 2020 Challenge" iNaturalist project. 

2020 Challenge

2020 Challenge Form
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